Adverse Credit – Can I still get a mortgage?

For families and individuals on low incomes, it can sometimes be challenging trying to keep up with the cost of living and maintaining a good level of savings. With this in mind it is understandable how people can rapidly fall into debt or end up with outgoings that are out of control.
One option is to remortgage your property to release some of the equity tied up in it, using this equity in some cases can ease the monthly financial pressure helping to keep your outgoings to a more affordable level by paying off some/all liabilities (please consult with a fully qualified adviser before committing to any more debt).
There may be other circumstances for which you may want to remortgage, for example, some home improvements. If you have had bad debt in the past it’s not necessarily a problem and the right broker will take the time to research the right lender for you to ensure you aren’t paying higher interest fees than necessary.
The trouble with being in debt is that some lenders will look at you adversely and view you as ‘high risk’ or a ‘mortgage misfit’, this is where a good adviser will come into their own, finding you a lender that will not necessarily dismiss you using their automated scoring system because you don’t instantly fit neatly into their criteria.
A good broker will know the market well and probably have dealt with thousands of cases just like yours, knowing the lending criteria of each lender will aid them in placing you with a lender who can look at your case on a more individual basis.
Having bad credit isn’t always an instant ‘NO’ sometimes it just means jumping a few hurdles with the right advice and support behind you, it is possible to get you back on track again financially and start enjoying the freedom of knowing that your debt is being managed or you are not paying higher than necessary costs and penalising you for having debt in the past.
Everystep Financial know the market inside out, we know our lenders criteria well, we are whole of market and specialise in ‘quirky’ lending.
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