Be it the first step on the property ladder, Remortgaging or Buy to Let. Raising money for Home Improvements, that special purchase or even debt consolidation, we can help you achieve your goals.

What is it?

A Mortgage is a loan for the purpose of buying property or land. Once agreed the loan is secured against the property by way of a charge until it is repaid. Most mortgages are repaid monthly and if you fail to keep up your repayments, the lender has the right to repossess your property and sell it in order to get their money back. Sometimes circumstances can make it seemingly impossible to get a mortgage with a mainstream lender, resulting in them being classed as Specialist – such as adverse or subprime mortgages. Our expert advisers have the knowledge, skills and lender relationships to be able to deal with issues such as adverse credit, self employed income, high loan to value and much more. With access to the whole of the market we can help source a mortgage to suit a range of different circumstances. From buying your first home to non-standard construction property mortgages and everything in between, we have the solution.

Why choose it?

  • Residential – You are buying a property to live in as your main residence.
  • Re-Mortgage – You want to stay in your property but re-mortgage your current deal to get a better interest rate and/or borrow more money.
  • Buy To Let – You are buying a property to rent out to someone else as an investment and/or earn an income or re-mortgaging the finance already on it to improve your income.
  • Guarantor – A parent or close family member guarantees the mortgage so if the buyer misses any repayments the guarantor will cover them.
  • HMO – Buy to Let mortgages where lenders will accept houses in multiple occupation as acceptable lending security.
  • Non-standard construction & property mortgages – For properties of non traditional wall and/or roof construction such as cob, glass, metal and thatched roofs.
  • Self-build Mortgages – You want to raise funds to build your own house
Mortgages are available with Fixed and Variable Rates, Discounted, Tracker, Capped rate and even Offset. We are independent and offer whole of market advice.