Non-Standard Property Insurance

With the planning in place to realise your goals and dreams, thought is needed to protect those you’re responsible for should the worst happen. Our expert advisers can provide solutions to protect you and your family, your home and your income.

What is it?

Non-Standard Constructed Property cover is specialist insurance for properties not of the traditional brick and block wall and tiled roof construction, be it the properties features, type, structure or location, and therefore carrying additional risks that are not included within a standard home insurance policy.

Why choose it?

You may need this as a solution for certain property types and construction methods.

To name a few, but many more apply:

  • Prefabricated steel (prefab)
  • Flats above shops and commercial premises
  • Properties made out of wood/timber
  • Flats on a 5th floor or higher
  • Thatch, shingle, timber, plastic, glass or metal roofing
  • Eco homes
  • Properties located in high risk areas such as coastal and high flood risk areas.