Corporate Solutions

Should the unexpected occur within your business our expert advisers can provide solutions to protect your property, management team, employees and business continuity.

What is it?

Corporate Solutions offers you and your business a range of protection should the unexpected happen, such as death or sudden illness, be it within your management team, key or integral members of your business, your staff, and then against any resulting shareholder or partnership issues that may follow. Solutions that protect your income in the event of accident, and a serious or critical illness are also available.

  • Key Man; Critical Illness
  • Group Life & Income Protection
  • Relevant Life
  • Shareholder and Partnership Protection

Why choose it?

  • Key Man Insurance – Enables a business to reduce the level of interruption and provides the capital needed to replace a key or integral person within your business
  • Critical Illness – Provides the peace of mind that a lump sum or regular monthly income is paid following diagnosis of an insured illness
  • Group Life – While providing a tax-free lump sum payment to your employee’s family should they die whilst employed, this form of insurance also enhances your staff benefits package, making it more valuable and aiding in retention. It also helps make your company more attractive to potential new employees
  • Income Protection – If illness or injury prevents you from working, life can continue as normal with the financial provision of a monthly amount paid as a percentage of your gross salary
  • Relevant Life – Highly tax efficient way for you to pay for life cover through your business
  • Shareholder and Partnership Protection – in the event of the death or a critical illness diagnosis of a shareholder or partner this insurance will provide the capital to enable the business to buy the shares of the relevant business co-owner or from their estate.