Private Medical Insurance

With the planning in place to realise your goals and dreams, thought is needed to protect those you’re responsible for should the worst happen. Our expert advisers can provide solutions to protect you and your family, your home and your income.

What is it?

Private Medical Insurance pays out for private treatment if you fall ill, be it for treatment of acute or essential medical conditions, as well as surgery, medical tests and ongoing care.

Cover available will vary between providers but in the main includes in-patient care, including tests and surgery, out-patient treatment cover with different capped levels, hospital accommodation and nursing care, exclusive drugs unavailable on the NHS, psychiatric treatment and other complementary therapies such as physiotherapy.

Everystep Financial offer a range of Private Medical Insurance solutions whereby you can be covered for high costs of fast-tracks consultations, testing and diagnosis and private treatment for short-term medical issues.

Why choose it?

Private Medical Insurance gives you the peace of mind that should you or your family fall ill or have a medical concern, the high costs of fast-track consultations, testing and diagnosis and private treatment can be covered.

Providers’ cover varies but can include:

  • Consultations
  • Testing and Fast-tracked Diagnosis
  • Surgery and In-patient care
  • Out-patient treatment
  • Exclusive drugs unavailable on the NHS
  • Complementary Therapies


* Please note that terms and conditions apply to all of the above